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"Death before dishonesty, dope deals and robberies/ Papa wasn’t’round but the sh** didn’t bother me…"

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I prefer my bourbon neat.
Save the ice for the lady-boys.
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#HandsomeBDay G-MONEY! No matter how much of a jerk I is you still always look for a Handsome and show me love - that’s that real love right there! Enjoy your day and get that cake. Dios te bendiga amiguita, always keep that golden corazón you crazy child you ♡ 6 days ago / 0 notes
Not sure but did I miss the cutoff for this #WCW stuff?? Oh well, funk it - Celeste will always win… #SuckerForLove 1 week ago / 0 notes
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Johnny Handsome Contreras
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... BEHOLD ME.
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