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And the winner is - FIORDALIZA’S RECIPE!!! Had an awesome time watching #FiorsLineage win again at the Collado Sisters Daughters’ Habichuela Con Dulce Face-Off! However, even though I talk maaaad sh**, the best part was hearing my second favorite uncle Tio Hector give an amazing speech. Almost had a ni**a shedding tears, can’t wait to play volley ball wit’ the old man July 4th - which he GUARANTEED me he’d be in condition to play in by then… and I know he will lol 3 days ago / 0 notes
#HandsomeBDay Mili!! It’s funny because until today, when your bday came around, I hadn’t noticed how many times in our short years of knowing one another you’ve kept me from looking like the lonely loser at get-togethers & events lol. Thank you Mildred y que Dios te bendiga niña!! #BesosYBizcochito  2 weeks ago / 0 notes
My favoritest flavor on EARTH!! Not sold in the U.S. unfortunately, but this is a dutch colony so Caramel Biscuit & Cream (formerly Caramel Biscuit Crunch) is available here :-D. Posted this just for you three @x_jordansdiaz @dr__strangelove1 @jperezx #TheFHT #NostalgiaMinor  (at Aruba) 3 weeks ago / 0 notes
Lord save my soul… (at Church I.A.E.O) 3 weeks ago / 0 notes
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Hoodie on the beach natives think that boy crazy/ But Hood is what I bleed ‘til I decease, Fior’s baby…

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