Oh you know me, just back here disappointed, watchin’ my ni**a Booda drinking a BIG a** pink drink - I just couldn’t believe it, smHh…

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Credit?? You can keep that sh** fam, only one’s I’m in debt to are God, mami & Sallie Mae, other than that I don’t owe anyone a damn thing. I do it for Hand & for my fam. 3 days ago / 0 notes
One day you’ll be big, and when you are, you’ll be mentioning this mentor you had named Tio Johnny who once told you; “You know what Friday is to you from now on? MYday. It’s the day when e’ybody else drop their guard a little bit, just because this mythical thing called ‘The Weekend’ is coming up. Do you know what YOU do that day they drop the ball? You pick that motherfu**er up, dribble it down Life’s Court, do a bunch of little fancy side-to-side dribbles (you know like behind the back, ‘tween the legs sh**), and you SLAM THAT MOTHERFU**ER HOME!! You dunk that sh** like the NBA title was on the line - YOUR NBA title, the Never-Broke-Again title… Brooklyn.” 1 week ago / 0 notes
"Hawaiian shirts before Jaz & Jay/ No Sophie, soul-homies ‘til my casket’s laid…" - Handsome

Even if we don’t for speak twenty-hundred weeks, forever means until I’m no more. From ‘88 ‘til I’m 88 young whitey - Lord willin’…

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"That’s life for us raised in the winter - it’s a cold world…"

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"Love Will Save The World" - Johnny Contreras (and a sh** load of other people eons before my existence)

The boy Guap been slackin’ on his mass attending lately, must admit I’s been on my cafeteria-Christian sh**. Today however I was blessed with the chance to go to mass wit’ the firam and look what the Lord told me! It goes right with my favorite motto; Love will Save the World… and trust me it will. 1 week ago / 0 notes
I’m a beautiful motherfu**er so you already know what this implies when it comes to the Prince. Level-up.

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LMHAO!!!! S/O to Boogs wit’ this one! #FOUUUUUUUL! 2 weeks ago / 0 notes
Noches de locura con mis hermanitos (those are Brian’s shades btw), solo falta Joneye para completar el F.H.T. - Brión, Llordan, Joneye y Han’son.

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